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Alicia Keyser

Artist, Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I attended college at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art. Moved out to Colorado in 2002 and haven't looked back. Currently living in Denver with my dog, Sakari, I am employed full time as a Graphic Designer and making and selling art on the side. I enjoy hiking, photography, skiing, camping, traveling, concerts, and happy hour with friends.
While ceramics has always been my favorite medium, and I enjoy making small, detailed sculptures, my kiln is currently not working very well, so I've been doing lots of drawings in the meantime. I've created this website to showcase & sell my artwork. The focus is still on detail, and creating nature inspired drawings that most everyone can enjoy. I want to remind people the world is still beautiful.

Current Project in Progress

My kiln needs some repairs, so I'm currently working on lots of drawings. They are all drawings from pictures I've taken. I am also working on getting all my work together for the Art Festivals I am participating in, which is more work than I anticipated. If you see any drawing where you are really interested in owning the original, please don't hesitate to contact me. More dawings HERE.
Art Festival Booths
New to 2018, I will be exhibiting my art at several Art Festivals around Colorado. I will add more as I know, but I already have a booth in each of the following:​​
Keystone River Run Arts Festival
(Free Admission, Info)
River Run Village in Keystone, CO
7/28/18 to 7/29/18

Denver - Sloan's Lake Art & Music Festival
(Free Admission, Info)
Sloan's Lake Park, 17th & Utica Street
8/11/18 to 8/12/18

Handmade in Colorado - Denver
(Free Admission, Info)
Skyline Park, 16th Street Mall
9/21/18 ONLY - (I will only be there that Friday, although the event is all weekend.)
Handmade in Colorado - Boulder
(Free Admission, Info)
Central Park, Boulder CO
10/6/18 to 10/7/18

Victor Celebrates the Arts
I've had several artists now tell me that I would be very good at "En Plein Air" & "Quick Draw" competitions, and the one in Victor, CO was specifically suggested to me as a place to start, since it's not juried entry, and low pressure. So, the week before Labor Day Weekend, starting August 24th, I'll be spending some time in Victor & Cripple Creek, CO, within a 10 mile radius (as the crow flies) of the Elks Lodge in Victor, creating up to 4 date-stamped pieces to be turned in that Friday and auctioned off. Sunday, September 2nd (9am-noon) is the "Brush Rush", where we get 3 hours to create a piece at a very specific location to be revealed that morning. Then Monday, Sept. 3rd (9am-noon) is the Quick Draw, where I get 3 hours again to create a piece from models that will be judged by the public.
Steamboat En Plein Air Competition
I'll have more info as this one gets closer, but in addition to Victor Celebrates the Arts, I'm also doing an En Plein Air competiotion in Steamboat.  Check in is Sept. 22nd, paintings are due Sept. 28th, and the quick draw event is Sept. 29th.

More Info
Pancakes & Booze Art Show
I'll be exhibiting my artwork at The Denver Pancakes & Booze Art Show at EXDO Events Center, Saturday November 3rd at 8 pm. 

For more info or to buy tickets, click here.

Denver Chalk Art Festival
I've participated in the Denver Chalk Art Festival 3 years in a row now, 2016, 2017, & 2018. Located around 15th and Larimer, first weekend in June. 200 artists draw on an 8'x8' square in the street, and it's all washed away the next monday, but it's a great way for me to connect with the community, and I really enjoy it. Click here to see more.
Denver Paper Fashion Show
I participated as a designer in 2017 to get the feel for how this event works, but 2018 I have really gone all out.  The design debuted at the show on March 23rd, 2018.  More info here about the making of the dress.
Commissioned Works
Sicne I work from photos I've taken to create my drawings, I can also work from photos you've taken! If you would like to request a commissioned piece, visit this page and fill out the form & upload image(s). I will get back to you with specific pricing and how much time I need to get it done. 
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